American Option Insurance Fully Supports Our US Veterans and Their Families

At American Option Insurance, we recognize and honor the sacrifices made by military families, and we recognize that each family and each situation is unique. That being said, we always start with each family in the same way: we listen.


Many servicemen and servicewomen are familiar with the Military One Source and the excellent resources found on its sites. Many are familiar with their rights and protections under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) and can find what they need on the SCRA website. What can we provide that you won’t find there?


We’ll listen. We’ll work with you and your unique needs, including hectic time schedules. We can help you anticipate problems you might not expect, like how insurance rates differ by neighborhood or what special types of insurance might be needed in which areas.


We can help you change policies and coverages as you need them changed, and we’re ready to answer any specific questions regarding insurance needs and the unique situations brought about by serving our country.

How We Support & Service Military Families

  1. Quick clear communication that fits your schedule. We’re available via phone and email during normal business hours, but let’s say that your current deployment doesn’t allow for that. Are you deployed in South Korea and want to Skype after breakfast? We've got your back.

  3. Absolute dedication to flexibility. Do things sometimes change quickly while in the military? Sure. Do you want your policy reviewed or updated often? Changed frequently? Do you find yourself needing adjustments on the fly? We expect that, and we’ve built our company to handle it.

  5. Team effort to help fix problems. We’ll always work hard to get all parties concerned on the same page. If we can get a late-fee waived, we will. If we can get a payment plan altered, we’ll do our best.